Abundantly Blessed Giveaway!


I love, love, love shopping at local boutiques. There is just something about them that makes my shopping experience….umm…enjoyable.

Abundantly Blessed is that kind of store.  I was so impressed by their hospitality…even on Black Friday!   They had tons of people in and they had a long line but instead of rushing people in and out they were inviting their customers to be apart of a prayer chain. That’s pretty amazing to me.


I’ve recently become addicted to the leggings I bought on Black Friday! I was nervous to slide on the one size fits all leggings over my fluffy tail! One size fits all usually means one size fits small! However, when I put them on, they fit amazingly and the print didn’t stretch all crazy! (Haha…you know what I’m talking about ;)!)
They had an amazing sale on them so I bought a couple of pairs!

For December’s giveaway Abundantly Blessed graciously donated a pair of these cute leggings!  How great are they! There are 2 ways to enter to win.

1.) Comment on this blog post. (+1 entry)
2.) Post the picture below on instagram with the hashtag #iliftmyvoicegiveaway and follow and tag me @Mdozal. (+2 Entries)

I will close the contest and announce a winner on Christmas Eve! (U.S. only)


Abundantly Blessed is located at 2411 S. Western St in Amarillo, TX 79109. You can add them as a friend on Facebook here to look through some of their merchandise. They do take phone orders to ship out as well! 🙂 The phone number to call is (806) 242-5377. So stock up on some leggings!

Here are some of the items they have right now:




Good Luck and may God ABUNDANTLY BLESS you! 😉 – Moni ❤

8 thoughts on “Abundantly Blessed Giveaway!

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  2. Mary Chavez

    Wow! Living these festive leggings! I hoe i Win them in the Abundantly Blessed Giveaway. May God bless your business and finances!

    1. Mary Chavez

      Wow! Loving these festive leggings! I hope i Win them in the Abundantly Blessed Giveaway. May God bless your business and finances!

  3. lily wolfe

    I love these leggings so much! My birthday is coming up on Christmas and this would be the best present ever! Also i reposted on instagram @lilylovesbananas


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